About East&Essex

"It's become my mission to make sure that women feel both comfortable and beautiful in their most intimate space, their home."

Hello there, I'm Liz (and that is my mission!). 

I've spent all my life living between the fine line of East London and Essex (hence the very creative name). 

Here at E&E we offer women's loungewear for homebodies that makes you look good, feel confident, and comfortable for the day ahead (or that video-on zoom call). I've been working from home for the last 3 years and I've worn everything... dresses, jumpsuits, oversized shirts, shirts with holes, other peoples clothes, and nothing had me feeling great. 

We design everything to last. With proper care, our pieces will become a part of your everyday life. We invest in quality 100% linen fabrics and we're handmade in the UK. There's something so special about creating locally. Our pieces are made to wear all day so nap in them, do the school run, work in them, meet a friend for coffee, the opportunities are endless.

Good, quality loungewear
is a form of self-love.