Our Commitments

At East&Essex we've made a few commitments that we hope to hold ourselves accountable to as we grow, learn, and expand. 

We're taking it slow... 

We'd like to consider ourselves a 'slow fashion' brand. Each piece is designed and made to last. We produce in small batches and all in the UK. Trends are great but longevity means more to us. We only release pieces we're 100% sure about. 

Made in the UK

We consciously manufacture our pieces here in the UK at a small locally run company. Any scrap fabric is gathered in bundles and donated if not used for complimentary scarves or scrunchies.

100% Plastic Free Packaging

We are proud to be plastic-free. All our pieces are packaged in a printed kraft envelope and sent in an eco-friendly and recyclable kraft mailing bag. 
We're so excited to have worked with Trempel Hangers on sustainable eco-friendly clothing hangers made from 100% recycled waste paper ♻️ Every order will come with one hanger as part of our commitment to being plastic-free and eco-friendly.