Morning hacks for the days when you just can't

Mornings are probably one of the most precious times in our day, and rushing through them is such a waste. We're sure you have some days when you just can't...
Here are some hacks you can do to help you kick start your morning in 10 minutes or less:

Don't do it... you know, that button:

If you want to wake up feeling energised, do not hit the snooze button. As tempting as it seems, it'll only make you feel more tired. It's actually proven that in order to get a night of good restful sleep, your body needs to go into at least one full REM cycle, which on average takes 90 minutes to reach, so skip the snooze button and jump out of bed as soon as you hear your alarm. BTW, this is for the weekdays - on the weekend, throw your phone as far away as possible.

Quench that thirst:

Keeping a bottle of water next to your bedside is a major hack. Drinking tons of water as soon as you wake up replenishes your body and helps you feel energised quickly. If you're feeling extra, splash some cold water on your face as soon as you get up. This will trigger your body to wake up and make you feel alert, a bonus is that it also refreshes your skin and makes it look fresh and lively. If that doesn't work, you have our full support in jumping right back in bed.

Start your morning the evening before:

Nothing's worse than wasting your mornings doing tedious tasks like unloading the dishwasher or drying your hair. Skip all that with things you can prepare like: 
  • The outfit you're going to wear.
  • Styling your hair the night before.
  • Chopping your fruit ahead of time for your smoothie.
  • Writing your to-do list.
And the ultimate thing you can prepare is breakfast, it saves so much time when you don't have to make breakfast from scratch in the morning, especially during those mornings where you're rushing to attend an early zoom meeting, there plenty of delicious overnight breakfast ideas to go for! We recommend overnight oats. 


If you want to get the best out of your mornings, multitasking can be a good thing to do. You can play a podcast or audiobook while you are getting ready, wear a face mask while you brush your teeth, or even sneak a quick workout while you are checking your phone in bed, you can check out our “stretches you can do in bed” for some great stretching exercises you can do from bed to wake up your muscles and mind. 

Beat the clock 

Set a timer for each task, like when you are getting your makeup done, checking emails, or getting dressed, this not only helps you be punctual but also the more you do this you will eventually learn how to finish your tasks quickly and in the most efficient way possible. 15-minute makeup challenge?
The more you stick to a morning routine, the easier it will be to get ready fast in the morning and have plenty of spare time to do things you love like working out, reading a book, or even just listening to some of your favourite morning tunes so you can start your mornings in a positive way.
We would love to hear some of your morning hacks, tag us at @eastandessex on Twitter & Instagram.