Introducing the E&E Signature Shirt

Here at East & Essex we're committed to making breathable and versatile loungewear for homebodies to feel good, confident, and ready to brave their day in cosiness.

I'm super excited to launch not only East & Essex but the E&E Signature Shirt. I'm Liz, a confessed homebody who has spent 20-something years living between the fine line of East London and Essex (hence the name). 

It's become my mission to make sure that women could feel both comfortable and beautiful in their most intimate space, their home. I want to redefine what it means to be a homebody, lots of people think you hate going outside, but I think it's more about loving the luxury and warmth of being indoors. You're in your own special space. It doesn't get better than that.

I needed to design the type of oversized shirt I wanted based on all the shirts I'd tried. This was oversized but not shapeless so a slight cinch where the pockets began making sense. I wanted deep side pockets for stuff like phones, keys, a small bottle of wine (haha), sometimes you just don’t have enough hands. 

There really is a lack of pockets on women’s clothing right?

The arms. Don’t you just hate how restrictive tight sleeves can be? 

Wide arms = freedom.  

The E&E Signature Shirt needed a relaxed collar that didn’t feel formal & the embroidery was a last-minute touch decided in the sample fitting. We just needed to put our stamp of approval. The frayed hem was because I wanted something that added a bit of an edge. Though this shirt is beyond beautiful, the hem is a reminder that we're still loungewear & its okay to rough up. I've made cakes, bread, washed my hair, painted, and everything in between in mine!

An oversized shirt practically becomes uniform for us so it’s great to have one that’s not only flattering and size-inclusive but just looks and feels beautiful.

The E&E Signature Shirt ranges from sizes 8 to 22 btw.

Not only do we proudly handmade pieces within the UK, but we also with Trempel Hangers on custom sustainable and eco-friendly clothing hangers, made from 100% recycled waste paper. Every order will come with one hanger as part of our commitment to being a plastic-free and environmentally sustainable company. 

Liz, Founder & Designer