Caring for your linen pieces

East&Essex pieces are made of 100% linen sourced in the UK. Inside your item, you'll find your care label, but we've got some helpful tips that'll help keep your loungewear feeling and looking like it's brand new! Here you go:
Hand wash your shirt in lukewarm or cold water and never bleach your shirt as the harsh chemicals will damage the fabric. Alternatively, dry clean. 
Reshape your shirt whilst damp and lay your shirt flat to dry. This will help reduce the chances of wrinkles. Do not tumble dry.
We only recommend ironing your shirt if you have a linen setting. Set your iron on the linen setting and iron while still damp.
Store your shirt in a cool, dry place AKA your closet. Each shirt comes with an eco-friendly hanger made from 100% recycled waste paper for you to hang up!
With proper care, our pieces will become a part of your everyday life.