Bed-ercise: 5 stretches you can do in bed

Hey homebody! We know that getting up in the morning can be a struggle some days, especially when you feel tired and all you want to do is hit snooze to have those extra minutes of sleep (which will not really help you feel energized by the way). Stretching in the morning can make a huge difference in how you start your morning, it helps you wake up your muscles and mind, which will give you that energy boost to your morning.

The best part is that you can easily do these stretches in your bed, no mat, or human interaction is needed! Let's get into it...

1. Full body chest stretch

Start with a full-body stretch to get that burst of energy.


While lying flat in bed, raise your arms over your head and extend it towards the ceiling, make sure your palms are faced away from your head to get that extra stretch, then, straighten your legs while pointing your toes outward. Aim to do this for 10 seconds, and repeat three times.

2. Knees to chest

Next, stretch your hips and lower back with a knee to chest stretch.


While in bed, Lie flat on your back, and extend your legs toward the ceiling. While you are exhaling slowly bring your knees towards your chest, While gently inhaling, wrap your knees close to you with your hands. You should feel a nice stretch in your lower back. Aim to do this for 10-15 seconds, and repeat three times.

3. Hip lift

The hip lift stretch helps engage your glutes and hamstrings, this stretch will really get you pumped for a day of doing nothing!


While still lying on your back in bed, bend your knees, and keep your feet pressed flatly on the bed, rest your hands on both sides of your body, palms facing flatly, then slowly bridge your lower back and push your hips as high as you can towards the ceiling. Aim to hold this position for about 15-20 minutes and repeat three times.

4. Spinal twist

Spinal twist helps gently rotate the spine and give you a good stretch to your back muscles, this stretch also helps improve digestion.


On your back, Raise one of your knees and gently bring it over to the opposite side, make sure your shoulders are still lying flat in bed, next, extend your arms to the opposite side for maximum stretching while making sure it is in line with your shoulders, and slowly turn your head so it faces the extended arm. You should feel the stretch on your lower back and upper body, breathe in and out and try holding this position for 15 seconds before switching to the other side. Repeat three times.

5. Breathe

Breathing helps wake up your mind, and helps you reduce stress, so you can have a calm and productive morning, A good breathing exercise that you can do from bed is belly breathing:


Place one hand on your belly, while slowly inhaling through your nose until you feel your abdominal rise. pause and hold your breath, while counting to 7, then exhale out of your mouth until you empty all the air. Repeat three times.


Including stretching exercises first thing in the mornings can really help improve the quality of your life and transform your energy levels during the day, and it'll only takes 15 minutes for you to get up refreshed and ready to start your day!


Happy stretching!