4 reasons to unplug from technology (sometimes)

Sure, to keep up with the modern world we live in, being up to date with technology is pretty crucial, Almost everything nowadays requires us to use technology one way or another, and ever since the pandemic started, our use of technology pretty much skyrocketed. Ironically being online all the time, can sometimes lead you to become disconnected from real life and most importantly yourself. 

If you've been looking for reasons to unplug from technology, here you go:

1. Know what you really want...

Being constantly online and being exposed to masses of content does end up taking a toll on you. You become caught up with what others are doing, and feel like you're missing out because you aren't doing the same thing. Unplugging from technology gives us more perspective into our own lives, and helps us live a life that is authentic to who we are.

2. Being more present 

Oftentimes, you don't realize how distracted you have been until you shut off your phone, go somewhere quiet, and simply sit in stillness. You'll notice a rush of calmness in your mind that makes you realize just how much “noise” was surrounding you while you were surrounded by your devices, taking a break from technology allows us to experience moments to the fullest.  

3. Better sleep 

The blue light from our devices, increases wakefulness and keeps us alert, this can disrupt our sleeping cycle drastically, that is why it is recommended to switch off all your devices a couple of hours before sleeping if you truly want to have a good night's sleep. Proper sleep improves the quality of your life drastically. 

4. More time in the day. 

Technology certainly does tend to eat away from our time in the day. The moment we wake up, the first thing we do is check our phones. In between responding to emails, checking up social media, watching youtube videos, and being in zoom meetings all day, we find that our time off-screen is quite limited, which means we have less time to do the things we really enjoy. Dedicating some time off-screen during our days can really help give us more hours in the day to spend on things we truly care about, like our hobbies, reading, cooking a new recipe, or simply just some alone time. 
We know it’s hard to completely reduce our use of technology all of a sudden, especially since we need it to connect with our friends and family, but simply dedicating one day of the week, where you switch off all your devices to be in the present moment, can really improve your life and mind drastically.
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